Drive Clean

The new event concept

GREAT has now launched the project’s new concept– Drive Clean. This event based concept is aimed at promoting alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles towards the general public at locations where GREAT infrastructure is installed. The target is to make more people choose BEV’s and CNG cars (where relevant) and to see at least local short term positive sales as a result of the event.

The Drive Clean events will:

  • Show the increased availability and simplicity with fast chargers and other charging infrastructure
  • Show the availability of CNG and for Sweden highlight the possibility of driving with 100% Biogas
  • Inform about the advantages of BEV’s and CNG cars (where relevant) to the general public, organisations and companies as well as offer a possibility to see and test drive.
  • Present BEV’s and CNG cars (where relevant) from the angle that this is working today and it’s not only for the future.
  • Generate press for the shift to AFVs and the work being done within GREAT

Visit the Swedish pilot site www.kö to read more.

Launched spring 2017

Drive Clean will be launched in the respective languages starting in Sweden as “Kör rent”. At the centre of the campaign is the website kö and in cooperation with the local municipality and region we will use all of their available channels to market the event.

The following events are upcoming during the spring of 2017:

  • Värnamo – 24-25 March
  • Mölndal – 28-29 April
  • Halmstad – 12-13 May

Two key elements

The event consists of two individual activities: an AFV seminar aimed at companies and organisations as well as a square event aimed at the general public.


Hosted by Jakob Lagercrantz the Drive Clean seminar on a Friday works to inspire and educate companies and organisations on AFV’s and alternative fuels. A combination of the local municipality and GREAT partners discusses the issue from a TCO and CSR point of view. The theme is: Fossil free company cars – What’s in it for me?

After the seminar we encourage networking between participants and OEMs and will also offer test drives.

Square Event

The square event’s main purpose is to create a meeting point for a day where the general public gets to touch, feel, ask and be educated on AFV’s and alternative fuels. Mainly we focus on getting visitors to test drive. This is an event for the whole family! In cooperation with OEMs we offer test driving of BEV’s and CNG cars (where relevant). The components of the square event are:

  • Side activity for all ages
  • Lounge with info and coffee
  • Test drives of BEV’s (no PHEV) and CNG cars (where relevant)