Almedalen, Visby

Sell more cars to reduce emissions

When: 2 July 2017
Where: Visby, Gotland – Öresundshuset, Hästgatan 1
Time: 16:15 – 17:00

Our climate goals demand a considerably larger share of zero emission vehicles. Should society support a rapid increase in EV and CNG car market shares or is it only a modal shift that will make us reach our targets? The seminar discusses the transition and solutions with private and public stakeholders.

Karin Svensson Smith (MP), Committee on Transport and Communications Chair, Sveriges Riksdag
Dimitrios Faniadis, Chairman of the Board, Taxi Stockholm
Karin Waldén, eMobility Manager, E.ON
Marina Maneas Bakkum, Communications Director, Nissan Nordic Europe

Jakob Lagercrantz, 2030-sekretariatet