Policy seminar at TEN-T Days, Ljubljana

Enhancing the Alternative Fuels Market through Vision, Targets and Policy Measures

Time: 25 April 2018, 9:00 – 10:45
Location: Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Room: Urska 2
Registration: No registration is necessary. Seats on a first come, first served basis.

GREAT’s unique partnership enables the Action to use a cross-border perspective to gather and assess visions, targets and policy measures for alternative fuels along the current geography. In this seminar, GREAT presents the result and good practice for national and sub-national policy measures related to alternative fuels from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Northern Germany. This forms the basis for a discussion where both the panel and the audience are involved in widening the perspective by looking outside of the GREAT geography. One central question of the seminar is, which are the successful policy measures that enhance the alternative fuels market in the GREAT geography and which are in place elsewhere? The session will encourage knowledge sharing within the EU.

GREAT has structured the assessment of policy measures by dividing them into six Innovation Domains (Infrastructure Adaptation, Regulations, Taxes & Subsidies, Knowledge Sharing, Pilot Projects, and Procurement). The seminar focuses on these Innovation Domains with six experts bringing their perspective in their individual domain.

The seminar combines the panel discussion and a mini workshop to inspire audience interaction and knowledge sharing.

Mette Hoé, The Capital Region of Denmark, Leader of GREAT Activity 5: Study – Policy Measures
Henrik Tornblad, Danish Transport and Construction Agency, Danish CEF coordinator

Panel speakers – By Innovation Domains
Infrastructure Adaptation: Roland Ferwerda, NKL Nederland
Regulations: TBD
Taxes & Subsidies: Hans-Juergen Salmhofer, Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Knowledge Sharing: Saša Bart, Partner, Dyvolve Ltd
Pilot Projects: Gabriella Cassola, Ministry for Transport and infrastructure, Malta
Procurement: Jeppe Juul, President Transport and Environment