First LNG/LBG station set to open Q1 2019

Ground work is under way

FordonsGas is announcing that they have started construction of their GREAT LNG/LBG filling station, located in Mjölby, Sweden. The station is planned to open during Q1 2019.

Already in 2010, FordonsGas built their first filling station for liquefied gas, located in Gothenburg. In 2013 their second station was opened in Jönköping.

FordonsGas is involved in several projects to develop the infrastructure for liquefied gas in Sweden. The Mjölby station is being built with CEF EU funding and building is also under way for a station in Götene with support from Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Klimatklivet). In addition, FordonsGas plans to build another 10 stations along the major E20, E4 and E6 traffic routes in the next few years.

"The new stations are the first step in our major commitment to establishing a solid infrastructure for liquefied gas. A solid infrastructure for liquefied gas is an extremely important part to make the change from fossil fuel to renewable for heavy duty vehicles." says Emil Glimåker, CEO of FordonsGas.

FordonsGas is part of the Air Liquide Group. Through their network of more than 40 energy stations they wish to increase the share of CBG and LBG in travel and transport. Within GREAT, FordonsGas receives 50% EU funding through CEF for one LNG/LBG filling station.