The largest electric car rally in the Nordics

Regularity rally from Helsingør/Helsingborg to Varberg

25-26 May 2018 GREAT arranged the largest electric car rally in the Nordics as part of the Drive Clean campaign. The rally marked the end of Nordic Clean Energy Week.

Battery electric cars competed in what was the first official EV Regularity Rally in the calendar of the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation.  The rally started from the new battery powered ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg and took the EV driver and co-driver on a challenging journey on backroads via Halmstad to the finish in Varberg, covering some 300 km in total. GREAT aimed at strengthening the electric car community through a fun networking experience as well as highlight the capabilities of modern electric cars as well as the performance of existing charging infrastructure.

The largest electric car rally in the Nordics is a Regularity rally, something that shares its origins with most types of rallying. Unlike the well-known ‘special stage rallying’, regularity rallying does not depend on the abilities of the driver at high-speed nor does it depend on the speed that the vehicle can achieve. A regularity rally instead focuses on the maintenance of precise speeds and times as well as on navigation. The competition takes place on public roads and will comply with traffic regulations.

Results and pictures

Participants had a fun and challenging rally and got to experience some fantastic Southern Sweden scenery in great summer weather. The winner of the rally was the team from Swedish Green Motorists. Congratulations.

Selected pictures

All pictures can be found at Facebook

Complete results (pdf)