Let´s Act! The GREAT Midterm Conference

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Dr. Glenn Frommer – ESG Matters

Dr. Ebba Malmqvist – Lund University

Philippe Crist – International Transport Forum (OECD)


Status of GREAT

Britt Karlsson-Green – Region Skåne

Christian Halleløv – E.ON

Mattias Vendel – E.ON

Odile Garcon – Groupe Renault

Sonja Haustein – DTU


Breakout Sessions

Session 1: Business models, roaming and payment systems

Christian Halleløv – E.ON

Nikolay Shishkov – Uppladdning.nu

Alain Van Gaever – European Commission

Session 2: Behavioural change – Creating a culture of sustainability

Anders Vestergaard Jensen – Sustainia

Sonja Haustein – DTU

Jesper Johansson – Gröna Bilister


Session 3: How Policy Measures can foster an electro-mobility market of services

Øystein Ihler – City of Oslo

Dr. Sicco Rah – Hanse Office

Harm-Jan Idema – APPM


Session 4: LNG and LBG – How do we introduce a new fuel in the marketplace?

Björn Fredriksson Möller – E.ON Biofor

Knud Boesgaard Christensen – Fremsyn

Pierre-Emmanuel Meyers – AirLiquide

Bo Ramberg – Fordonsgas

Krister Thulin – Scania Sverige AB


Session 5: Incentives on a National and EU level

Helmut Morsi – European Commission

Karen Vancluysen – POLIS network

Jan Carsten Gjerløw – Akershus County Council


Session 6: E-Mobility – Future outlook

Frances Sprei – Chalmers University

Jens Christian Morell Lodberg Høj– Insero

Pierril Pouret – Nissan Nordic