Article published on first GREAT survey

The first results from Activity 7, Study - Evaluation, Assessment and Future development, led by DTU, have been published in the International Journal of Sustainable Transportation.

Meet the users of EV infrastructure

During 2017 GREAT has met EV owners and drivers along the corridor and made a film of their everyday life with EV's. Watch it here.

Who buys and drives the EV?

GREAT arranged a seminar titled "Who buys and drives the EV?" during the eCar Expo fare in Gothenburg on 10 November 2017. The purpose was to shine light on the target audience for EV sales and to try to illustrate the EV owner persona.

Almedalen 2017

Sell more cars to reduce emissions - Watch the seminar GREAT arranged at the Swedish political week in Almedalen 2018.

Folkemødet 2017

GREAT arranged a debate at Folkemødet, the Danish political week at the island of Bornholm on the 15th of June 2017. The seminar titled “Sustainable heavy transports to secure greater growth!” gathered both industry and politics. This is a short summary of the seminar.

Drive Clean Photos

Drive Clean has had three stops during spring 2017. View the pictures from Värnamo, Mölndal and of course Drive Clean Rally in Halmstad.

Interim study reports

The Interim study reports for GREAT Activity 5 - Policy Measures and Activity 6 - Business Models are now available for download.

Drive Clean

GREAT has now launched the project’s new concept – Drive clean. This event based concept is aimed at promoting alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles towards the general public at locations where GREAT infrastructure is installed. The target is to make more people choose BEV’s and CNG cars. Read more