Our (e)mission is accomplished!

The building phase of the CEF Action GREAT is finished

Autumn of 2019 holds the most important milestone in the action. All fast chargers built within the Action must be deployed according to the agreement with the EU’s Innovation and Networks Agency (INEA). As agreed, deployment of e-mobility infrastructure is now finished, reaching all but one of the 70 fast chargers planned. This makes all Partners in the Action very happy and proud.

GREAT has deployed 50 new fast chargers in Sweden, 17 in Denmark and 2 in northern Germany. This is a significant contribution in the development of comprehensive fast charger infrastructure along the TEN-T Core Network. Something that facilitates long-distance and cross-border EV travel in northern Europe and that lowers thresholds when choosing to drive an EV. See the complete network here

“Finalising this deployment in the largest CEF fast charging Action in Northern Europe has been a team effort. Region Skåne, as the coordinator, is very grateful for the good cooperation from all Action Partners. GREAT has made a major contribution in making public fast charging much more easily accessible in the geography of the Action. Fast charging is a good and affordable option when it is really needed. With a well-developed charging infrastructure you do not need too large and expensive batteries in your BEV. The biggest challenge now is to continue to increase the market share of EV’s so the chargers deployed really come into use.” says Britt Karlsson-Green, GREAT Project Manager

To realise GREAT’s vision, “Alternative renewable fuels is new normal in the GREAT-corridor” vehicles that run on alternative fuels from renewable energy sources must become the customers’ first choice when purchasing new vehicles. This means that alternative fuels need to be:

  • Clean
    in a well-to-wheel perspective.
  • Accessible
    i.e. available for any person, public or private entity in the quality and quantity needed, at a reasonable and transparent pricing, and without technical and legal restrictions across regions and countries.
  • Competitive
    i.e. viable under market conditions, without requiring additional subsidies from the public sector in the long term.