Who buys and drives the EV?

GREAT arranged a seminar titled “Who buys and drives the EV?” during the eCar Expo fare in Gothenburg on 10 November 2017. The purpose was to shine light on the target audience for EV sales and to try to illustrate the EV owner persona. Something that is useful for both professionals involved in EV related business development and professionals working with influencing behaviour towards decarbonisation.

The seminar, held mostly in Swedish, presented three recent studies on the EV owner with final reflections by long-time EV owner Gordon Strömfelt. Simultaneously the seminar was live illustrated to create a summarising illustration of “the Mind of the EV owner”


Sonja Hausstein – DTU Transport How to increase current and future electric car uptake among conventional and electric car users? Results of the GREAT survey

Robert Granström – Test Site Sweden SELF-i: Sveriges första rikstäckande laddbilsenkät

Johan Wedlin – RISE Viktoria Möjligheter och utmaningar med plug-in bilar som förmånsbilar

Gordon Strömfelt – Gröna Bilister Elbilarna är här – men var är förarna?




The illustrations are free to use under CC license. Layered Photoshop files are available on request, email jonas.brantefors@skane.se